A VPS Hosting solution is based on the concept of virtualization where a physical server is divided into small virtual servers with the help of virtual partition that is created using Virtuozzo. A virtual server in VPS is an in between solution of dedicated server and shared hosting server. Virtual servers in VPS Hosting have their own space and do not affect the working of each other even though they are on the same server. Virtual server acts just like your dedicated server but shares the same physical server with the others. This is the reason why we call a virtual server or VPS Hosting an in between option of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Continue reading

VPS – Virtual Private servers are dedicated storage, processing and web spaces being rented out, as subcontracts in the online world, which evidently was scrambling for efficient resource usage. These are more like customized server hosting services being offered to the clients. There are several factors that influence the utilization and efficiency of virtual desktops private servers, private virtual desktops and hosted desktops. Continue reading